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The Radial JDI is a passive direct box that employs the world’s finest Jensen JT-DBE transformer as its main drive engine. The Jensen DBE transformer employs a laminated nickel core that has ...

MSRP 249,00 EUR
our price 199,00 EUR

incl. 20 % Tax excl.
1 x 'RADIAL JDI Passive DI Box' order
Radial J48 Active Direct Box
The Radial J48 is a great sounding active direct box that has been optimized to produce maximum headroom while working within the limited current available from standard 48V phantom power.

MSRP 225,00 EUR
our price 189,00 EUR

incl. 20 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Radial J48 Active Direct Box' order
RADIAL PRO DI Passive Direct Box
The Radial ProDI's are high-quality, full-range passive direct boxes equipped with custom made audio transformers for exceptional signal handling without saturation and with extremely low phase dis...

MSRP 115,00 EUR
our price 98,00 EUR

incl. 20 % Tax excl.
1 x 'RADIAL PRO DI Passive Direct Box' order
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