Studiomaster Fusion Original - 11 input Entertainment Console 480,00 EUR
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Studiomaster Fusion Original - 11 input Entertainment Console
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Studiomaster Fusion Original - 11 input Entertainment Console
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Your Total Entertainment Console.
The complete mixer for karaoke, clubs, solo performers, duos and sound installations.

The Fusion offers three mic channels with combination XLR/jack inputs, three band EQ with mid sweep, 80Hz high pass filters and 60mm faders give you everything you need for pro quality sound.The four stereo inputs have three band EQ with a steep -36dB cut, assignable crossfader, MPX switches for karaoke discs.

Three individual LED level indicators make it easy for you to see your output and CUE signal levels at a glance and there's a comprehensive booth output control with 'mic cut' switch to stop feedback in your DJ booth.

The smooth, long life 45mm VCA cross fader is assignable from any of the four stereo channels and you can replace it quickly and easily. Variable cross fade points can be achieved with the taper controls.
In typical Studiomaster fashion, the effects DSP only offers the effects you really need, allowing you to get a great mix quickly and easily. There are three classic vocal effects and two fixed delays with optional 'regen' for increased repeats.

The main outputs are on professional XLRs for connecting to compact powered speakers or large club installations.

The Fusion Original has every control securely fixed to the front panel and all connectors screwed directly to the chassis.

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