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Studiomaster Mixdown 16:8:16 Mixer Gold Serie
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Here's the classic old Studiomaster Mixdown 16:8:16 mixer - This is basicaly the 16-8 console with a dedicated 16 mini-channel tape/aux return to run a 16 track studio session - so you get 16 input channels, 8 sub-groups switchable to feed up to 16 tape inputs & stereo master feed outs - and a right-side 16 'AUX/LINE channel return monitoring section - each main channel also has a direct OUT - this model features an integral PSU, full 3 band EQ with Studiomasters excellent swept Mid's and sweep Lows/bass eq's...

Input Channels (image left) feature:
Mic & line & tape input sockets

Below those is the send/return insert & 'tape out' direct out sockets

Next comes individual phantom power IN/OUT switches (nice!) these are cool cos they are set below the surface level of the mixer chassis so you can only depress them IN using a pen or other pointed implement so you can accidently depress a phantom switch with your finger!,

Next comes TAPE switch and a 20dB pad switch - then the eq itself...

Treble hi-feq shelving eq
280Hz - 8KHz mid sweep eq with 16dB boost/cut
25Hz - 350Hz sweep bass eq with 16db boost/cut ( nice!)

Below that is the EQ-Cut, then the aux sends...

You get a wacking 6 total aux-sends with this board... 3 post fade aux sends, and an additional aux4 /5 shared send, (4 post, 5 pre) then aux 6 is fixed pre-fade.

Finaly comes your pan, fader - red 'SOLO' PFL switch & peak LED indicator - brown coloured Channel IN/OUT button with green led indicator - The your L/R mix-IN & sub-group/buss assignment buttons along with the fader....

The Eq on these old Studiomaster's rocks as mentioned, having the sweep mid AND sweep bass really allows you to get excellent bottom end definition and tune into the sweet-spot for synths, drums and other sounds...

A board like this can be had for less than ££400 quid (UKP) - I picked one up for 300 quid with a manual this week in fact! - they have a really punchy well defined sound due to the excellently matched & versatile eq which is a feature of all the Studiomaster boards... having an eq cut is a luxury on cheap mixers now and you get that too - it's a full-on mixer with direct outs, full compliment of busses, tons of options to get channels in from your outboard for mixing cos you get about 32 channels on mix by using the sub-channels on the right which although only having basic eq, work great to route in stereo synths etc or just to have a fixed routing for your sampler outs etc to send to your PC inputs. - the sweep bass & mid eq's really are well made and crisp & punchy, mixes done on these old studiomasters sound like records basicaly, a wide fat well defined phased sound with excellent stereo imaging, the eq allows really clear mixes to be acheived and for live they are great too. They can be slightly hissy at times so check them out, but the ic's can be upgraded to get them quieter, and spares & support for these boards is extensive with many upgrade mod's possible - check it out!!...

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