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ART PRO GATE 8 Channel Gate-Vintage Made in USA
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The Pro Gate is the first of A R T's Reference Series, and provides uncompromised performance as well as quality signal and dynamics processing for the professional audio engineer.
The Pro Gate features state-of the-art analog circuitry, controlled digitally. A digitized front panel allows instant real-time access to any parameter. You can intuitively control eight independent full-function noise gates with incredible ease, freeing you to concentrate on listening.
Each channel of gating is fully independent and offers complete control over HP/LP Key Filter (Low Pass Filter: 250 Hz to 20 kHz; High Pass Filter: 25 Hz to 2.2 kHz), Threshold (-50 dB to +16 dB), Attack (20uS to 500 ms.), Release (3ms to 4 sec.), Hold Time (4ms to 4 see) and Range (-2 dB to -82 dB).

Each of the eight channels may be stored as "songs" and downloaded or uploaded instantly from internal memory locations, or through MIDI. A large 40 x 2 LCD display keeps you constantly informed of parameter values, channel status, gate status, and channel name.

With a comprehensive user interface, compact size and incredible price performance, the Pro Gate delivers unsurpassed professional sound quality for recording, live sound, or any other professional audio application requiring gating. Precision-engineered and built in the USA, the Pro Gate has specs that set new standards.You'll agree it's rugged enough to endure any tour, and is a must for any studio or sound reinforcement system

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