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TRAPS E450 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
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TRAPS E450 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
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TRAPS E-450 5 Piece Electronic Drum Kit
Traps Drums have now released an upgraded version of the popular TOP SELLING E400 drum kit, the E450. While the drums remain the same as before, we are pleased to introduce the

NEW E450 TRAPS MODULE giving all these new features:-
  • Easy to read display (large LCD display)
  • Onboard recording (record your own drumming)
  • Click track with tempo adjustment (play to a beat)
  • Change and save instruments/ volumes and more!
  • Adjust reverb/surround/pan sounds and much more!
  • (make your own drums sound the way you like them best)
  • Play along to the 50 onboard songs
  • Easy to assemble fully labelled quarter inch cabling and wiring loom
All this at a seriously affordable price!!!!

There are 9 trigger inputs, a stereo audio input for IPODs and CD players etc, MIDI and MIDI IN, line output and headphone output. A colourful easy to assemble wiring harness is now included with solid 1/4 inch Jacks on all the Triggers and Cymbals.

The E450 is the first portable electronic kit to feel like a regular drum kit. Unlike other electronic drums you get a standard set of drums 12 inch (305mm) snare, 10 inch (254mm)tom, 12 inch(305mm) tom, 14 inch (356mm) tom and 20 inch (508mm) kick drum. These are fitted with mesh heads and Traps triggers for near silent performance. So when used with a pair of headphones you can turn the volume right up and practice to your hearts content without upsetting the neighbours and/or your parents. Or alternatively plug the output into a PA and blow the crowd away at your next gig.

The drums are constructed from a high quality and durable ABS and are fitted with mesh heads, steel counter hoops and are tuned with the traditional multiscrew tuning system. Of course, because all the drums are standard sizes it is also possible to fit standard heads and cymbals ( not supplied ) to convert the E400 into the A400, the acoustic kit also supplied by Traps.

The electronic cymbals are also moulded with an internal trigger and NEW SOFTER rubber system to damp out stick noise. The hi hat consists of one of these cymbals plus a switch triggered via a standard foot pedal so that it functions in the same way as an acoustic hi hat, something you would only find on much more expensive rival kits.

The rack system that the drums and hardware fit to is made from substantial chrome steel tubing which means that everything stays exactly where it’s put when the kit is set up and doesn’t move.

Branded Bass Pedal, Double Braced High Hat pedal and sticks also included.
This Product has been one our Top Sellers and this latest version is the best yet by far!
Does not include Drum Stool

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